This year I am really working to make my creative life a successful endeavor.
 Like a lot of women I was able to have children and a career, for many years it worked.
I got to a point where my career was not fulfilling and at the same time my kids needed a personal taxi, so I quit my job and went on sabbatical trying to find my new path. It was wonderful, it was scary and then it was just down right overwhelming. In my old career,
I created brand awareness for companies big and small and now it is time to do it for my own brand. At times it feels daunting and the comparison started to set in. I started to look at many, many women with successful creative businesses, they looked truly fulfilled. I asked myself,  I am creative, I am talented, how can I get there? I watched videos, I took online classes from 27 year old women that had huge brands, brand new babies and it was a bit frustrating. I finally pulled myself out of the pity pile and reminded myself that I shouldn't compare myself to others and not everything online is all that it is cracked up to be. Everything worth doing involves sacrifice and hard work. YES, I want to build an Instagram following, YES, I want to build a successful brand.
I ask you to help me start the honest conversation about finding our faults, embracing them, finding strength in partnerships and in building each other up. If I have learned anything from the Women's March, it is that we are vulnerable but we are stronger when we unite!

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