Movable Wall Paper


Luvloo™ removable wall paper comes as flexible sections that go on easily and come off in a snap.

Designed and created in the USA. We customize and print each order.
If you would like us to scale our designs or the patterns to repeat in a certain fashion,
please contact us for more information.

Available sizes:
two rolls 25.75"x 8' @2 qty per set {makes a 4'x8' area) 
four rolls 25.75"x 8' @4 qty per set (makes a 8'x8' area)

Contact us for more options.

How to apply Wall Paper:
Apply to clean dry walls, free of peeling paint. Hang the sections by butting the edges
together and smooth the wallpaper from the middle and out towards the edges.
Trim to fit your desired area.